How it all began

Today it’s hard to believe but in Akt mit Pferd was once a joke.

To be able to explain the genesis of Akt mit Pferd/Nude with Horse you have to tell the following story: In 2014 Jens Maria Mayer and Beni von Alemann lived for some years in a shared apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg at the border to Neukölln. In that same house lived, by chance, a former fellow student from Weimar, with whom they have been close friends ever since – by the way, the lady on the Nudes with Horse #126 to #153/10,000. This neighbor friend … [read more]

Advertise or die!

Our first ad has been published this week! In the 18th edition of Jungsheft, Germany’s first porn magazine for girls, there is half a page dedicated to our – not at all pornographic – art. The Jungsheft, as its sibling Giddyheft (which is for boys), is generally a good read. The actual edition for example features a cover story on the history of 10,000 years of sex. You could say, one year for every Nude with Horse. Well, if those aren’t rosy prospects.

10,000 Horsepower

a guest piece by Martin Martin Schlesinger / Institut für Zeitgenossenschaft
The oldest of the drawings made by mankind depict horses—as do the most recent. The long-term art project “Akt mit Pferd” launched by Benjamin von Alemann and Jens Ole Mayer is added to the fold, joining a stable steeped in artistic tradition, from the horses heads in the Chauvet caves to the series of equine photography by Eadweard Muybridge …