According to Martin Martin Schlesinger in his guest article 10,000 horse power we are already a “crowdbuying-projekt”, nonetheless we’ve decided to stroll further in the depth of the web and explore the possibility of actual crowdfunding to, well, fund us the necessary means for the continuance of the series.

Explanatory Film

  EXPLANATORY FILM Our explanatory film on Akt mit Pferd. All you need to know in 90 seconds.…

Akt-vent Calendar

For this year’s pre-christmas season we have something very special to offer:
the official Akt mit Pferd advent calendar™. Press the button below to go straight to the product page.

Advertise or die!

Our first ad has been published this week! In the 18th edition of Jungsheft, Germany’s first porn magazine for girls, there is half a page dedicated to our – not at all pornographic – art. The Jungsheft, as its sibling Giddyheft (which is for boys), is generally a good read. The actual edition for example features a cover story on the history of 10,000 years of sex. You could say, one year for every Nude with Horse. Well, if those aren’t rosy prospects.

Holy Shit!

We just had a booth at the Holy Shit Shopping 2015 in the colossal Kraftwerk Berlin. What an intimate, intensive and interessting week-end this has been for Akt mit Pferd. …

Akt One

On november 17th 2014 in Berlin-Kreuzberg the first Akt mit Pferd sees the light of day. From the very first moment the edition of its sisters and brothers is strictly limited to 10,000 pieces, though it’s still a year short till the real launch of the epic series.